Editorially Speaking

This special issue intends to set before the minds of the readers the Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches. From a practical point of view, it is closely related to an officebearers conference held by Classis West of the Protestant Reformed Churches in September of 2005. All the articles, other than the meditation and the two internship reports, are adaptations of speeches given there. 

The purpose behind this special issue, I am happy to say, is not to solicit funds. On the contrary, as the official name implies, this seminary belongs to the Protestant Reformed Churches. Accordingly, the PRC have not only appointed the professors, set the courses, and erected the building, they also finance the daily operation of the seminary. Others give gifts—genuinely appreciated gifts—to the seminary from time to time, but the churches generously support their seminary. 

The purpose of the special issue is not to draw in more students to enlarge the enrollment. The PRC's seminary is maintained primarily to train men for the gospel ministry in the Protestant Reformed Churches, though the seminary has had the privilege of training men from other Reformed and Presbyterian denominations. 

Rather, the editors consider the work of the seminary to be important enough to warrant a special issue. The purpose of highlighting the seminary is especially twofold. First, it is to inform the readers—in the PRC and beyond—about the Protestant Reformed Seminary. Obviously there is a general understanding of the labors expended in the seminary—men are trained to preach the gospel. Yet it is good that more specific knowledge be set forth concerning what the seminary does and why. That goal serves the second, namely, that believers will pray with understanding for the seminary, will pray for specific needs, and will pray convicted of the need for this vital work.