News From Our Churches

Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

With this issue of the "News" we use the last of our church profiles. Out of our 27 congregations we received profiles from 16 different churches. I hope that over the past two years you have enjoyed this brief look into the makeup of our denomination. 

Today we look at the profile of our smallest congregation, the Hope PRC of Isabel, SD. I thank Mr. Gus Streyle for the following information. 

The Hope Reformed Church was organized in 1915 at Isabel, SD. For the first year and a half, services were held in the Congregational Church. After this a school house was moved to Isabel and it served as the church home. 

In 1934 the Eureka Classis to which the Hope Reformed Church belonged suffered a split. Many congregations left to join the Evangelical Church. However, the members of Hope voted to stay with the Reformed Church. 

In 1959 Hope severed itself from the Eureka Classis and became an independent church for about a year. 

At about this same time, Rev. George Lubbers, then missionary in the PR Churches, began doing mission work among the members of Hope. In 1960, after two and a half years of labor, the congregation at Hope was accepted into the fellowship of the PR Churches. 

In 1968, the Lord sent Rev. R. Moore to serve as Hope's first PR pastor. Following Rev. Moore as pastor have been Revs. R. Miersma in 1971, R. Flikkema in 1978, R. Moore again in 1982, and D. Kuiper in 1985. Since 1987, Hope has been vacant. 

In 1969 a Roman Catholic church building was moved to Isabel and, after some remodeling, it began serving as church home for the Hope congregation—a function it serves to this day. 

Hope has a membership consisting of five families and five individuals, with a total membership of 18 souls. Of its membership, one is a farmer, one a janitor, and one a butcher. The rest are retired. Three of its families are older, and the other two are middle-aged. Three children go to school, while three others are in college. Fourteen of their members attend a Bible study group. 

One virtue the members of our Hope PRC have learned in the past is patience. Having been without a pastor for the past four years has taught them that. But their prayer remains, Not our will, but Thine be done.

In other church news:

At a congregational meeting back in December, the congregation of the Hudsonville, MI PRC voted to replace the carpet in their sanctuary. So on Monday, January 7, a call went out for as many men as possible to work during the day to loosen pews in the church. All that was needed was a flashlight and a 7/16 wrench. The auditorium had to be completely empty on Monday so that the carpet layers could begin early Tuesday. And, since the pews had to be in by Sunday, help was also needed later in the week to put the pews back in. You might be interested to know that 625 yards of carpet were used to complete the job. 

The congregation of our Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, Canada gave approval to their consistory to begin searching for land suitable for a new church of their own. 

In late December, Rev. and Mrs. Cammenga, of our Loveland, CO congregation were blessed with the birth of a baby girl, Tracy Lynn, their 9th child. 

Rev. R. Hanko declined the call he had been considering to serve (as pastor of our Randolph PRC in Randolph, WI. 

And, finally, for this issue, the students of the Loveland, CO PR Christian School presented their Christmas program entitled, "Christ Our Saviour," on the evening of December 20.