News From Our Churches

Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI is sponsoring a summer seminar on "The Writing, Compilation, and Translation of the Bible." Plans call for Rev. R. Cammenga, pastor at Southwest, to trace the very interesting history of Bible translation down to the King James Version of 1661. These seminar meetings are scheduled for the four Wednesday evenings in August, and are to conclude with a visit to the Scriptorium in Grand Haven, MI.

In its on-going evangelism effort in the Houston, TX area, our Trinity PRC in Houston presented three messages from God's Word on the subject of prayer. These messages were broadcast through the Reformed Witness Hour, with Rev. J. Mahtani, pastor at Trinity, serving as radio pastor for three weeks in June. His messages were entitled, "In Everything Pray"; "The Lord's Prayer"; and "Praying Fervently."

Congregational Activities

Summer visitors, or visitors in any other season of the year, please take note. Our Bethel PRC in Itasca, IL has changed the starting time for their evening service to 5 p.m.

At a special congregational meeting held on June 3, the congregation of the Peace PRC in Lynwood, IL approved a proposal to build a parsonage on their church property. We also note that our Peace congregation has joined the growing list of our churches which have a church library for the reading enjoyment of the congregation.

The Consistory of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI decided to finish their family visitation this June rather than carry it over to this fall. They felt this would give their new pastor, Rev. M. Dick, an opportunity to meet the entire congregation at the start of his ministry.

The congregation of the Hull, IA PRC recently voted to install a new speaker system in their sanctuary.

Members of the South Holland, IL PRC were encouraged to reserve Sunday night, June 16, for a combined choir program and singspiration.

Young People's Activities

Writing about South Holland reminds me that this year's 56th annual Young People's Convention, hosted by the Young People of the South Holland congregation, is fast approaching. And by the time you read this it might be in full swing, or perhaps even concluded.

A word of thanks and appreciation should be extended to this year's host congregation for all their work. It is no easy task to prepare a week-long convention that will include about 400 of our denomination's young people. This year's theme is "Godly Friendships," based on Proverbs 18:24. When these young people converge on the Chicago area for a week, we as churches hope they will use that occasion to develop godly friendships and have Christian fellowship and some good fun. But, above all, we desire that God will bless this convention for the spiritual profit of the young people and for His glory.

Of course, no sooner is our convention concluded, than another of our congregations starts with plans for next year's convention. We can give you some information about that. Next year's convention will be hosted by the Young People's Societies of the Hudsonville, MI PRC, and it will be held at Camp Miniwanca in New Era, Michigan, located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, August 18-22, 1997.

School Activities

Our Adams Street Christian School in Grand Rapids, MI invited all who were interested to an Open House on June 8 at the old Adams School. Visitors had one last opportunity to walk the halls where so many children and young people have received their Christian education over the years. A short program and cornerstone opening were also planned for that morning.

The PR Secondary Education Promotional Committee, hoping to start secondary education in Iowa, invited Rev. C. Haak, pastor of the Bethel PRC in Itasca, IL, to present a lecture in the Hull, IA PRC on June 25. All members of the Edgerton, MN, Doon and Hull, IA PRCs were encouraged to attend. Rev. Haak spoke on the topic of Reformed Secondary Education.

Minister Activities

From our seminary we learn that three seminarians who are entering their fourth year have begun their six-month internships the first of July. James Laning is serving in the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI; Daniel Kleyn is serving in the South Holland, IL PRC; and Martin VanderWal is at the First PRC in Holland, MI. Each will serve under the oversight and guidance of the respective consistories and pastors.

Rev. and Mrs. Rodney Miersma left New Zealand and our sister PR church there on June 26. Plans called for them to spend a couple of weeks with Rev. Miersma's parents in Doon, IA and then move to Lacombe, AB, Canada and our Immanuel PRC there the week of July 14.

In light of Rev. Woudenberg's retirement, the Kalamazoo, MI PRC has formed a trio of the Revs. Bruinsma, denHartog, and Key.

Rev. G. VanBaren declined the call he received from the Doon, IA PRC.

Rev. R. Dykstra, pastor of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI, has accepted the call to serve as professor in our Seminary.