A Decidedly Unbiblical Teaching

You are probably aware that I wrote a letter to Christian Renewal (18 May 1998) regarding a letter by Jelle Tuininga on the well-meant offer. Though I cannot recall a sermon on this subject, I have never believed in it, but did not have a good defense against it. Then several years ago I was made aware of the writings of A.W. Pink through our daughter, who is a Christian school teacher in Huntsville, AL. She presented me with a gift of four of Pink's books, among which was The Sovereignty of God. This book clearly presented arguments against the well-meant offer.

I want to give you my sincere thanks for your analysis of this subject in your book Hyper-Calvinism & the Call of the Gospel. But knowing the antipathy of Tuininga against the PRC, I did not want to refer to your book in my first letter for evidence against the well-meant offer.

You have presented me with additional information on the offer. For this I want to give you my sincere thanks for the article by Jimmie Frew, Sr. that you published in the Standard Bearer (15 May 1998). This article has been very helpful in that it has shown that the PRC are not alone in rejecting the well-meant offer as a decidedly unbiblical teaching.

I've written another letter to Christian Renewal refuting what Tuininga wrote in the issue of 18 May 1998 in response to my letter for the same date. In my refuting letter I've taken the liberty to reference the article by Frew and to quote from John Gerstner's "Foreword" in your book. Many thanks again for your fine publication. 

Herman Dykstra

Concord, CA