Creedal Authority

I am writing concerning your Editorial in the March 1, 2009 Standard Bearer. Please understand I greatly respect you, the SB, and the PRC. I have been a reader and subscriber for over thirty years. So in that frame of reference I am criticizing what I see as several errors in your March 1st Editorial. 

1. The creeds are not the work of the Holy Spirit. They are man's words summarizing particular biblical doctrines. 

2. Some (like me) can "honestly dispute" that the same charge holds true for present day officers of churches as it did for the apostles. 

3. We are dealing with a church council (Acts 15); you are implying that today's Sessions or Synods are equal to those of the first century. 

I feel that you hold the church-officer position in the light of a "favorable dream," but the truth is that many of today's officers are tyrants and unbelievers! They abuse their position and look down on the congregation as being "underlings" much like our present-day politicians in Washington, DC. 

They have both forgotten that they are called to be servants! In government, God sets them to serve the people of the nation. In the church, God calls them to serve His people, the church of Jesus Christ. 

Please read the enclosed pamphlet, Imperious Presbyterians, by Kevin Reed. (Maybe you would do a book review on it in a future Standard Bearer issue.) 

With you, I agree creeds and confessions can be rightly used and subscribed to, but only in the sense that they are man-written, trying to consolidate biblical doctrine into manageable statements of short summary. They should never be used to bring men to trial or charge believers with crimes against them. The wise use of creeds is not objected to, but the putting them above Scripture and enforced by self-righteous officers is! 

Please read Reed!

Albert Salmon

Moorestown, New Jersey

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